Are you looking for Guitar Lessons or Bass Lessons in Watertown, N.Y. or any where else in Northern New York?
My name is 
Tony Soluri.  I am the owner of the School of Tone, a lesson studio on NYS Route 3, in Watertown, New York.  I have played, taught and loved the guitar for over 30 years.  From today's music to past references.  I'd love to share the learnable skill of playing the guitar or bass with you.
I graduated from Musicians Institute of Technology, ( M.I.T ) located in Hollywood, Ca. in 1989 and have been teaching professionally ever since. I am also a Certified Specialist in Advanced Guitar from the Berklee School of MusicBoston, MA. In June of 2014, I attended the first ever Vai Academy, which was hosted by Steve Vai.
I have played professionally in many genres and have experience in multiple styles.  I have experience in lessons, repairs and the sale of merchandise in local music stores.  I am the author of my own instructional book series for beginner, intermediate and advanced players. Which, I have incorporated into the lessons that I teach in my private classes.  The one on one approach is by far the best method.
Playing guitar will bring you many hours of entertainment and a skill that you'll have for a lifetime. There is NO substitute to having a trained certified instructor take you through all the different concepts of playing. While sharing a lifetime of experience on what to do and what NOT to do so, you can move more rapidly into the player you have always wanted to be.  
          A video or software will only show you a small window into a certain style of playing and won't necessarily show you the basics of the style you are interested in playing.  I will share with you a lifetime of experience, knowledge and skill.  Lastly, a video can't correct you on something you maybe doing wrong, but I will gladly encourage you along in the journey of learning how to play your instrument.  
       If you would like to take guitar or bass lessons, need a repair done promptly or need some musical merchandise, please contact me at :

             or stop in the School of Tone.

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Business Hours:  Monday - Friday  11:30 - 8:00 pm
School of Tone - Tony Soluri                                              

 Berklee Certified Instructor - Tony Soluri 2009